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Introduction of Cruises

2012/1/17 19:21:07    
Introduction of Cruises


The masterpiece of Now Century Cruises, “Century Diamond”, began her maiden voyage in end of August, 2008. 110m long, 17m wide, with the capacity of 264, Century Daimond possesses the largest cains with private balcony of river-view, administration deck, VIP restaurant, cigar bar, 5-deck tall hollow lobby, 2 elevators and even everything that you expect.



The Biggest, Latest And Nost Luxurious Inland River Cruise Vessel In The World

The Super 5-star Deluxe Cruise Vessel, “CENTURY SKY”, is designed and equipped according to international 5-star hotel standards, including a luxurious revolving open-air lobby. The total length of the ship is 126.8 meters, with a width of 17.2 meters. There are 153 cabins onboard, accommodating a total capacity of 306 passengers. Each cabin has a private balcony with full-length observation window and a European style bathroom, and is furnished with unique and refined interior decoration. Passengers are made to feel as if they cruising on a floating paradise on the Yangtze River.



The Super 5-star Deluxe Cruise Vessel, “CENTURY SUN”, is a sister ship of the “CENTURY SKY”. Its style, design, furnishings, size and capacity guarantee it will become one of the leading cruise ships on the Yangtze River. “CENTURY SUN ” is chartered and supervised by VIKING RIVER CRUISES of Switzerland