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Discover Guizhou - 5 Days / 4 Nights

2012/1/17 19:10:37    
Discover Guizhou - 5 Days / 4 Nights
Guizhou is one of China's most rewarding provinces to visit. About 35% of the population is a mixture of different minorities which preserve fascinating customs and typical architecture, costumes and handicrafts. Until recently Guizhou was largely undeveloped. In the last few years tourism has started to develop, but the number of foreign tourists traveling to Guizhou to admire the beautiful landscape is still low. Guizhou gives you a chance to visit a very traditional China where the changes are far less obvious than in most of the rest of the country.


The 1st day    Beijing – Guiyang

Flight to Guiyang in the morning. Your guide meets you at the airport. The first visits in Guizhou's capital include Jiaxiu Pavilion, the symbol of Guiyang. It was the residence of a famous literati of the Qing Dynasty. You also stroll through Qianling Park and see Hongfu Temple. Time at leisure in the late afternoon.


The 2nd day    Guiyang – Kaili

Drive by coach to Kaili in Eastern Guizhou. The area has only recently been opened to foreign tourists. You will be fascinated by the traditional life style of the minorities in these isolated spots. The inhabitants of the villages still wear traditional clothes and have kept their customs. Kaili is the gateway to the minority villages of the area and you visit some of them.


The 3rd day    Kaili – Guiyang – Anshun

Drive by coach to Anshun via Guiyang. Anshun was once an opium trading centre. It is located in a pleasant karst valley and some of the narrow streets are still lined with old wooden houses. Time at leisure to explore Anshun and the Wen Miao Temple built in the Ming Dynasty.