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Tianjin,as a neighbor city of Beijing,is a city with a total area of 11,900 square km and a total population over 10 million.Tianjn is one of the four special municipalities directly under the Chinese Central Government,the economy center of the Bohai-Rim,One of the Chinese historical and cultural cities and one f the first excellent tourism cities in China.The term “Tianjin”refers to the port for the Tianzi(emperor)that made the city famous nationwide.In Ming Dynasty and in Qing Dynasty,the city was developed into a prosperous commercial harbor city and a strategic fort city. In 1860,the city was opened as a commercial port.After more than 600 years of development,Tianjin has become a mixture of ancient past and modern present with Chinese and western characteristics.Especially after after the opening and reform of the country,Tianjin,as the biggest coastal open city in North China,has emerged into a noted city as “Bohai Peal”.



The 1st day   Tianjin Museum/Drop-lit Olympic Venue/Jingyuan Park/Five Major Roads Romantic Area

Our guide will meet you at the airport or the train station and transfer to hotel.

Morning- Tianjin Museum and Drop-lit Olympic Venue: Tianjin Museum is Covering an area of 3.14sq.meters, it is a comprehensive museum embracing the history of Tianjin, the collection of relics and the display of folk artwork, etc. and integrating the collection, protection, research, education of relics, relaxation and tourism. Its collection totals over 1000.It is located in the east of Youyi Road and adjacent to Milky Way Plaza.


Afternoon- JingYuan Park and Five Major Roads Romantic Areas:It enjoys a reputation of “International Buildings Exposition” for the over 1000 foreign houses with different styles and dainty decoration located in it. It constituted a special architecture view for Tianjin.


The 2nd day    Golden Street/Ancient Cultural Street

Morning-Golden Street:There are many famous traditional brand names in Tianjin.Tianjin Quanyechang is known as the “center of commerce”. It is one of the major department stores,which is located on the Binjiang Road.

Afternoon- Italy Style District and Ancient Cultural Street: Centering the temple of Goddess, built in the third year of Taiding in the Yuan dynasty, it ranks one of the top ten sceneries in Tianjin. The less than 100 shops on it copied after the Qing Dynasty architecture. Its Tinjin cultural and ancient flavor attracted the streams of tourists at home and abroad.