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Chinese Kung-Fu

2012/1/17 19:02:44    
Chinese Kung-Fu
Wushu (also known as kung-fu or the martial arts) is a world-renowned symbol of traditional Chinese culture, utilizing both brawn and brain. It’s more than just a sport and represents and ancient Chinese form of art. Wushu is used in the treatment of illnesses as well as for self-defense, and is, in fact, a kind of comprehensive culture of the human body. Wushu has enjoyed a long history and great popularity throughout China. Thanks to its unique discipline and charisma that reflect traditional oriental culture, today it is capturing the attention of more and more people around the globe.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi Quan, also referred to as “Philosophical Chuan”, embodies the principles and techniques surrounding the basic idea of Tai Chi in Chinese classical philosophy. Initially to learn Tai Chi Quan, one must understand the basic philosophical tenants of Tai Chi. The notion of Tai Chi is, in fact, a systematic balancing of one’s thoughts.


Tai Chi                     12 Days

Day 1-3  Beijing

-          Visit Hutong, the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace.

-          Watch Kongfu show and enjoy Medicine foot massage.

-          Beijing Roast Duck dinner.

         Day 4-6   Tianjin

-          Visit the Shi Family Mansion, Tianjin Binhai Area and Tianjin Ancient Culture Street.

-          3 hours of Tai Chi training everyday.

Day 7-8   Zhengzhou

-          Visit the Taichi Village.

-          A 3-hour Kung-fu course


Day 9-11  Jiaozuo

-          Visit the Yuntaishan Geopark       

Day 12    Beijing and Departure