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Travel Insurance

2012/1/17 12:13:25    
Travel Insurance

China Travel Insurance

Why insure your trip?

While CHTS takes all precautions possible to make your trip a safe and secure experience of a lifetime, you can help us by insuring the little things than cannot be foreseen. For example a snowstorm closing down your airport before you can board your flight to China. Or you arrive in Beijing while your luggage is on its way to Timbuktu...

We understand that little things can ruin a holiday that you planned for a long time, so we carefully selected travel insurance providers that cover your country of residence. We believe that these providers give you the maximum protection against all eventualities and the best value for money.

Insure your trip: if you are citizen of Europe, Australia or New Zealand we suggest you to insure your vacation with Globe link. Globe link is an independent insurance agency providing a sensible level of coverage for reasonable costs. For Residents of the United States and Canada we suggest to visit insure my trip. At insure my trip you can select from a wide range of different travel insurance offers and compare them to choose the best one for you.